Monday, December 7, 2009

W. Steven Garrett, Chairman, The Genesis Key, speaks on secure communication solutions interoperability at the Conference on Global Preparedness

SecurVoice© target markets include the world’s first totally secure, wireless, digital communications software only solution, for security and INTEROPERABILITY over wireless/VoIP communications. AVAILABLE TO ALL: EMERGENCY MANAGERS / FIRST RESPONDERS / EMS / FIREMEN / NATIONAL GUARD / STATE AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT / CRISIS MANAGERS / FEMA / DHS / HHS / SPORT TEAMS / CELEBRITIES / ETC

Washington, DC., December 07, 2009 - The Genesis Key, Inc. (GK), the market and technology leader in secure communications with SecurVoice©, announced today W. Steven Garrett, Chairman, The Genesis Key, will be presenting SecurVoice©, the world’s first completely secure voice, data and video encryption communication solution designed for government and enterprise customers who require communications privacy at the 3rd Annual Conference on Global Preparedness in Melbourne, Fl. The Global Center for Preparedness at Florida Institute of Technology hosts the 3rd Annual Conference on Global Preparedness, featuring top leaders in business, industry, government, non-profits and academics gathered to address security and preparedness from a global perspective.

"At this year’s conference, you will hear speakers from public sectors and private industry, higher education, state, national and foreign governments—all presenting innovative practices and emerging technologies designed to protect and preserve national and global assets and human lives. Major topics will include emergency response, the economy, cyber-security, human factors and secure technology—raising the bar from sustainable to resilient. Presentations will show how these areas are interconnected to identify the challenges we face today as well." said Dr. Clifford R. Bragdon, AICP, FASA.

”Genesis Key has upped the ante considerably here. In a sudden leap, this innovative new product has shaken off the complexity of unified communications and has taken the lead in terms of ease of use, security and interoperability. Starting with simple encryption techniques in a Java-based application, Genesis Key has introduced SecurVoice© Privacy Edition, the next-gen secure digital data transmission solution, which takes the focus away from hardware or firmware centric smartphone offerings and provides a Solution that is application platform, operating system, device and carrier independent. SecurVoice© delivers encrypted voice, data or video transmission from any device to any device(s), with selectable encryption algorithms - allowing any agency to literally deploy “Secur Communications” across all devices." said W. Steven Garrett, Chairman, The Genesis Key, Inc.

SecurVoice©, by The Genesis Key, Inc., secures whatever platform you are using. Securing multiple, distributed platforms allows a cellular user to call to a satellite user or a VoIP caller to access someone in on a Blackberry – there are no boundaries on how or on what platforms clients deploy. SecurVoice© is the one simple solution that works across all platforms. SecurVoice© Solutions are available in different configurations that provide maximum flexibility. From supporting a small group of devices to an agency-wide installation, SecurVoice© solutions fit any requirement.

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