Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Genesis Key announces a reseller agreement with EHI-INSM, Inc., for SecurVoice© Privacy Edition

Washington, DC., November 16, 2009 - The Genesis Key, Inc. (GK), the market and technology leader in secure communications with SecurVoice©, announced today the reseller agreement with EHI-INSM, Inc. (EHIINSM) for the SecurVoice© Privacy Edition. SecurVoice© is the world’s first completely secure voice, data and video encryption communication solution designed for government and enterprise customers who require communications privacy (ex. Health Care. Legal, Financial Services) and is now available to all corporations, companies and individuals, world-wide, through

The Genesis Key, Inc. is expanding rapidly by partnering with foundation partners whose customers require secure communications. EHIINSM will be providing SecurVoice© Privacy Edition, v1.0, utilizing the VOIP (data channel) function on the Blackberry 8830, 96xx or Tour, running version 4.5 OS and up, which interacts with the SecurVoice© Enterprise servers (SaaS Hosted) running at Rackspace Managed Hosting (a Sarbanes/Oxley, SaaS 70 and Symantec certified MSP), or locally at EHIINSM. Customers may also purchase and install their own Enterprise Servers in their environment. The v2v (Voice2Voice) function will be available in Q110. SecurVoice© was designed to meet the GSA’s FIPS 140.2 compliance validation and the certification process is underway. US customers who require a FIPS certified system may place an order and will be notified when the certification has been completed by the NSA.

“EHIINSM has a vast amount of experience in the IT Security space as well, providing integrated solutions for global enterprise clients, encompassing firewalls, vulnerability analyses, intrusion detection systems, and anti-piracy media protection products (Cerebus Media Security™) for our clients, helping them to avoid critical breaches and proactively assess future concerns in an automated fail-safe manner.” said Mike Stollarie, CEO, EHI-INSM, Inc. “Unlike our competition, who focus only on point solutions, we deliver a synergistic blend of products that deliver a cohesive solution, which is tailored to our client’s requirements. SecurVoice© is a welcome addition to the family.” said Stollaire.

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